Teens With Stomas

If you’re a teenager about to have stoma surgery, or who has just had the procedure, you may like to read about how other children your age coped with surgery – which may help you feel more confident.


Hear stories from other teenagers with stomas

If you’re a teenager who has recently had stoma surgery, hearing about other teens with stomas can be helpful. Teen With a Stoma was written for teenagers by teenagers. In this booklet, teens share their real stories and reflect on how they overcame issues that were important to them.

You’ll find:

  • Three teenagers sharing their stories in their own words – their thoughts, feelings, and reactions – revealing what it was like to have a stoma at this age
  • Forewords written by two adults who also experienced getting stomas when they were teenagers, describing how they transitioned into adulthood while living with a stoma
  • A “Hints & Tips” section with practical information especially for teenagers