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We understand that getting a stoma is a huge change, and our goal is to help people living with a stoma feel comfortable in their own skin and enhance their quality of life. We design products to help make life with a stoma easier, and we also offer educational materials to support you, your spouse/partner, and your family and friends.

Before Surgery and Hospitalisation & Recovery

Following stoma surgery, you will need to get used to your stoma, both physically and mentally. Our educational materials can help you understand how to manage your stoma, take care of the skin around your stoma, learn new skills to enjoy life the way you did before surgery, and build your confidence.

Hints & Tips Series

This popular Hints & Tips Series is designed to guide you from surgery through the first months and beyond, and help you adapt to a new life with a stoma. The booklets contain a compilation of hints and tips from the “University of Life” — experiences of people living with a stoma and healthcare professionals — from daily ostomy care to travel, food management, sex and relationships, and much more.

Care at Home Series

It is important for you to know how to change your stoma appliance properly for optimal comfort and security. These Care at Home booklets and videos illustrate daily stoma care and how to change a one-piece or two-piece stoma pouch (also called a stoma bag).

Bathroom Tips

This series of photo-illustrated cards gives you quick and simple guidance on how to change your pouch and care for your stoma. The cards can be printed and put into a toilet bag, for use in the bathroom.

Life with a Stoma

Any period of illness, surgery, and recovery is stressful enough for the body and mind, but life with a stoma offers its own unique challenges. Our educational materials can help you take control of your life and find ways of living with your stoma that suit your lifestyle.

Sexuality and Relationships

No matter whether you are young, old, married, or single, and regardless of how active or inactive your sexual life is, accepting life with a stoma is of major importance to intimate relationships. Returning home after stoma surgery is a time for healing, which may take priority over sexual adjustment, but there are specific things that can help with sexual recovery. In this booklet, you can find information and advice about sexuality and relationships when living with a stoma.


The inspiring stories of other people living with a stoma.

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