Clinical Tools

Useful Tools for Your Patient Care

Below is a full range of guides, charts, posters, and other resources to help your ostomy patients and their families on their stoma journey.

Anatomical Charts

This conversational tool can be used by nurses to facilitate patient briefings.

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Observation Index

Identify the condition and status of stomas and peristomal skin with this observation index.

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Your Stoma Diary

A daily journal to record and track personal notes or any questions you may have after your stoma surgery.

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This helpful online course charts life after stoma surgery for patients, their relatives, and their friends.
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Practical Guides for Stoma and Skin Problems

Two guides to help you manage common stoma and peristomal skin problems.

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Comprehensive Assessment Guide

This tool describes how to conduct a patient, stoma, skin, and convex assessment.

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Your Case Study Booklet

This booklet describes how Stoma Care Specialists assess their patient's situation and needs.

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Ostomy Glossary

A comprehensive booklet of common terms for those caring for people with bladder and bowel stomas.

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