Hospitalisation and Recovery

Hospitalisation & Recovery

Following stoma surgery, you will be in the hospital for some length of time.

Both physically and mentally, it is important to get used to your stoma. Even though you may be in pain while your wound is healing, it is important to follow the advice of the healthcare professionals who are caring for you. They are familiar with your situation, and they will be able to guide you and help you through difficult times.

When you leave hospital, your new life with a stoma begins. Gradually, you will begin to understand how to cope with your stoma, and you will learn new skills that will allow you to enjoy life the way you did before your surgery. Your confidence will grow and evolve.

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Hints & Tips Series

These helpful booklets were created to guide you from operation through the first months and beyond.

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Care at Home Series

This series illustrates stoma care and pouch changing for one- and two-piece appliances.

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Bathroom Cards

This series of cards provides simple visuals on how to change and care for your stoma.

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Stoma Care in Infants

The illustrated booklet What's on Your Tummy, Emil? offers advice for parents, stoma care specialists, and paediatric ward nurses.

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Getting Fit after Stoma Surgery

This is an instructive guide to postoperative exercise.

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Transverse Loop Stoma

The brochure Transverse Loop Stoma, Care at home illustrates stoma care and pouch changing for a 2-piece appliance.

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This helpful online course charts life after stoma surgery for patients, their relatives, and their friends.
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Emotional Aspects

Read more about emotions and adjustment to a new body image.

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Nutritional Advice

Your body needs a range of different food types. Learn more about food and diet for when you have had stoma surgery.

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