Taking Care of You While Caring for Others

Focus on staying rested, inspired and hopeful.

Do something for yourself each day.

It’s important to make self-care a priority, even when your day is full of demands caring for others. By taking time out to do something for yourself each day, you’ll feel replenished and ready to do more for others. Please take some time out to consider self-care tips for staying rested, inspired and hopeful.

For your body:

  • Take a walk outside
  • Drink more water than you want to
  • Meditate daily (add an app to your phone)

For your brain:

  • Turn off the news and read or listen to a book instead
  • Tune into a podcast that makes you laugh, think or both
  • Try journaling your experiences

For your joy:

  • Set up a virtual date with a friend
  • Find a favourite photo of you with friends or family and text them the memory
  • Eat your favourite snack without the guilt

For your future:

  • Rest every chance you get
  • Make a list of people to reach out to and then do it
  • Write a list of things you miss and all the great things you can still do now

These self-care tips brought to you in collaboration with Bridget Chambers, professional life coach who focuses on positivity, self-awareness and the goodness in all of us. bridgetchambers.com.