Ostomy Care Resources for HCPs

At the moment, many of your ostomy patients will be apprehensive about how the COVID-19 pandemic affects their on-going care. To help you support them during this difficult time, we've shared lots of educational tools and clinical resources.

Here you can access guides on how to use ostomy products, maintain healthy skin around the stoma, and help your patients resume their lifestyle activities. Together, we're here to keep you and your patients feeling safe, reassured, and ready for the future.

General Ostomy Advice

You can use the following resources to solve many of your patient's potential stoma care issues while there is limited support due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please be advised that this is general advice and not intended to replace any specific guidance you have already given.

Resources for You and Your Patients

Browse our resources for general guidance on how to stay safe during the pandemic.

Stoma Care: Post Surgery Complications

Review common concerns your patients may experience post surgery.

Assessing Stoma and Peristomal Skin Problems

This guide for clinicians features management and intervention methods for different types of stomas.

Guiding Patients: Living With a Stoma

Support your ostomy patients with the right information before and after surgery.

Take a Look at Skin

Help your patients take care of their skin.

Living with an Ostomy

Information about how your patients can take control of their new life and live well with a stoma.

Before Surgery - Living With a Stoma

Our educational materials can help you provide valuable information to your patients.

Life With a Stoma - Body Image After Stoma Surgery

This pamphlet discusses some possible experiences that your patients may face following stoma surgery.

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