Kindness is Good for Your Health

Add a little happiness to your to-do list today.

Creating joy can become a habit, too.

Even though we know isolation may be helpful right now, you might still feel emotional strain, or the disorienting feeling of being out of control. Times like these can make us appreciate how much we rely on the structure of routine, and how difficult it can be to lose those everyday markers of progress.

Make friends with your routine
Above all else, establishing a routine is key to maintaining your day-to-day well-being. This includes getting up at a reasonable hour, getting dressed, eating properly, fitting in some exercise, and having an achievable plan for your day.

Doing good for others is good for you
Along with your routine, moments of connection and kindness can reinvigorate you. Here are some ideas to consider

Just say hello
Drop a card or phone a neighbour to ask how they are coping. Write a letter of thanks to the workers who are keeping our world turning. It’s lovely to receive thanks or well wishes, and even nicer to give.

Connect in new ways
Teach a young relative to cook via video call or share in a virtual dinner party. Try an online round of scrabble, backgammon, or chess with someone on the other side of the world. Keep the conversation light and aim to maximise the laughter.

Focus on growth
Plant a seed and nurture the seedling. Even a kitchen window box or simple indoor herb can nourish the soul. And be a healthy addition to dinner!

These self-care tips are brought to you by Sue Lennon, a respected nurse, therapist, educator, and coach with nearly three decades of experience in Oncology Nursing, including urology and stoma care. She has a passion for nurse-patient communication and understanding the 'lived experience of illness' in order to provide truly holistic care and is a frequent speaker at international workshops and conferences.