For all of life's curves

NovaLife Soft Convex features a soft and flexible convex insert designed to deliver the perfect balance between a firm convexity and a flat skin barrier. By providing gentle pressure close tothe stoma, NovaLife Soft Convex helps push the stoma into the pouch and fits the natural foldsof the body - creating an enhanced seal. The skin-friendly GX Hydrocolloid barrier is made with natural, moisture-absorbent ingredients that help patients maintain healthy peristomal skin.


“ NovaLife Soft Convex is easy-to-use and more
comfortable than other convex options.”


NovaLife Soft Convex for you and your skin.

You know better than anyone how important it is to have a reliable skin barrier fit around your stoma. NovaLife Soft Convex has been designed to provide just the right amount of pressure to help achieve a secure seal, without compromising the comfort and skin health that is so important for getting the most out of life.

+ Flexible and supportive soft convex insert fits the natural folds of the body and helps create an enhanced seal

+ GX Hydrocolloid barrier is made with natural and absorbent ingredients to maintain skin integrity

+ EasiView™ viewing option on opaque pouches helps ensure correct positioning 


The Dansac NovaLife Soft Convex product range consists of a number of Closed and Drainable pouches with barriers specially designed to apply a gentle pressure around the stoma. A flexible plastic insert is positioned in the centre of the barrier mass to create a uniform pressure around the stoma where it is most needed.

NovaLife SoftConvex Feature Chart

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