Designed for life

We are a company utterly dedicated to stoma care, but we do not have all the answers for people
facing perhaps one of the biggest emotional and physical challenges of their lives. We can support
and enhance the specialist care provided by stoma nurses, although we cannot hope to replace it.

What we can offer is insight, experience and understanding. We know what the priorities are for
someone attaching a stoma pouch to their body. You want it to be discreet, to feel as natural as
possible; to feel comfortable yet secure. You simply want your life to carry on as (normally as possible)
before surgery. These principles have influenced the creation of NovaLife Open & Closed, our
new generation of one and two-piece pouches. The design reshapes and redefines what we have done before.

This, truly, is design for life.

Features and Benefits

Focusing on benefits for Life

The contoured barrier, thinner at the edge than in the middle, gives a flexible, snug fit and reliable adhesion.

The oval-shaped barrier follows natural body curves and folds and has an easy to use cutting guide.

The orange release tab on the barrier ensures easy and secure removal.

The off centre starter hole means that the pouch sits even lower, and more discreetly, on the abdomen.

The skin-friendly barrier features the proven, natural ingredients of the Dansac GX hydrocolloid that has been refined over 15 years.

The secure coupling has two colour rings and an audible click for easy use.

The floating coupling ring makes for easy application with minimum pressure on the abdomen.

The functional, ergonomic shape of the pouch is enhanced by a soft, comfortable and water repellent fabric cover.

The low headspace reduces slouching and enhances discreetness.

The filter gives the freedom of all day protection against odour and can be used in wet environments without a protective cover.


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Designed for life